lolol I come home after a long day and I find 3 people sleeping in my bed. pre-warmed I guess. kicked y’all out!!

late late late night tofu after a successful @inviscus party

uh yeah. so tonight’s @inviscus party is gonna be sick. hit me up for access.

@rcql being artsy fartsy

oh hayyyyy

hahaha they fulfilled my request for m&ms on my DJ rider!! jk @avecnightclub @starkillers

and gig #2 for this weekend is a wrap! off to @avecnightclub to open for @starkillers! gig#3 #leggo!

doing a special ed dance and it’s awesome. these kids are so stoked!! =DD @inviscus

ready for you @commissarylounge . work out for me.

wanna party like this on Saturday? hit me up, I’ll hook it up. I’ll be DJing, let’s get turnt. LA/OC location. @inviscus #twerk #ratchet #hiphop #edm #underground